Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a mom of a child struggling in reading and am confused as to what direction to go with my child, how can you help?

    Knowing the next step to take with your child can be very challenging. Has your child been tested before? If so what does the data suggest? If not, who might be best to contact? If he has an IEP, does the IEP address his needs? What is dyslexia and what are the best interventions? What about ADHD?

    Questions like these can be answered through our teleseminars, the distance consultations, the books or other material available through the site.

    Do you work directly with children?

    Mostly the work done with SDL Consultants is to help guide and educate parents. However, some members of our team may do certain work with kids via Skype or Facetime.

    I have testing material that I do not understand, how can you help?

    Testing material can be overwhelming and confusing. What do all of the different tests, subtests and scores mean? Once you have sent material to Dr. Selznick for review, a one-on-one consultation is arranged to review the information. A brief write up summarizing the meeting and the test review is generated.

    Do you work directly with schools?

    Typically, we work directly with schools through conference calls where the parent may be involved in a school meeting. Within a reasonable geographical range, we may be able to meet with a school or to some direct observation. We can also be available for phone conference calls with schools.

    Do you do counseling/therapy?

    No, this is not a service that we are able to provide through the website. We make referrals where we think it is appropriate.

    Will you review IEPs/504 Plans?

    Yes, similar to the questions above regarding testing materials, we will review IEPs/504 Plans and offer you a perspective on them.

    How do you charge for your services?

    Services are billed by half hour increments. The fees are delineated in an initial email depending upon what you are looking once you submit an inquiry.

    How do the teleseminars work?

    Teleseminars are accessed by telephone. Once you register for the teleseminar, a phone number and access code will be sent to you. One you call in, you can listen to conversation and ask questions – you will be “in the livingroom.”

    How do I set up a private consultation?

    Simply, click the Distance Consultation inquiry and Dr. Selznick will be notified to send you a preliminary email to find out what your concerns are. From there you will decide whether to proceed further with a consultation.

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