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  • School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner’s Success

    School Struggles, is Dr. Richard Selznick’s follow-up to the acclaimed The Shut-Down Learner.  School Struggles talks about the common themes facing children and their challenges every day. 

    Dr. Selznick explores reading and writing issues, behavioral problems, difficulties with organization, social skills, medication, parents’ interactions with teachers, excessive use of technology, the importance of patience, and more. The practical, down-to-earth tone and helpful, easily applicable tools make this book a great support for parents staying awake at night worrying about their child’s learning and school experience.

    Dr. Selznick has helped parents with their children’s struggles in school for more than 25 years with experience as a classroom teacher, special education instructor, and nationally certified school psychologist. His understanding that each child is unique has helped many parents and children navigate over a rough road safely.

    What others are saying:

    Carlo B. Melini, M.D.. FAAP,  Developmental Pediatrician, Clinical Associate, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Senior Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

    Firmly grounded in theory and research and supported by the author’s considerable experience along with a dose of common sense, School Struggles masterfully expounds some common reasons many students struggle in school. Reading struggles, dyslexia, EFD’s (Executive Function Disorders), oppositional behavior, ADD/ADHD and social difficulties are all explained in a scientifically accurate manner that is not ridden with abstruse psychological jargon. Selznick is more concerned with helping students than with labeling them. For each area of difficulty, the author provides a clear explanation along with an anecdote from his years of experience as a psychologist to illustrate the problem. What is more, he provides a framework and practical techniques for overcoming each difficulty. Without pretending to offer magic solutions, Selznick offers principles for making the road through school less bumpy for the struggling student and for improving his/her skills in his/her respective area of difficulty.

    Michele Borba, Ed.D. 
    Educational Psychologist, Author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

    School Struggles addresses common school concerns that keep parents awake at night. Dr. Selznick presents material in a comfortable, down-to-earth style that will provide comfort to parents. Parents will take away many great suggestions and ideas to keep in mind for their struggling children.”

    Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D.,
    Co-author of Late, Lost & Unprepared: A Parents’ Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning

    Dr. Selznick UNDERSTANDS THESE KIDS which is why his new book, School Struggles, is a very welcome addition to our resources for parents and professionals alike! In clear, no-jargon, non-pathologizing language, he describes the roadblocks encountered by many children and adolescents and provides practical, effective ways to help them along their rough roads. I highly recommend this book and appreciate Dr. Selznick’s willingness to share his accumulated wisdom and ideas with us.

    Howard Margolis, Ed.D.,
    Professor Emeritus,
    Reading Disabilities & Special Education, City University of New York

    “Dr. Selznick did it again. His new book, School Struggles, is practical, powerful, and sensitive. Full of Tips and Takeaway Points, School Struggles will help parents better understand their children’s struggles and shows them how to help their children succeed. Insightful, straightforward, practical, and valuable: a book that will help parents do the right things while avoiding the all-too-common traps that hurt so many struggling learners and their families.”

    School Struggles: A Guide to your Shut-Down Learner’s Success, is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    To order autographed paper back copies of School Struggles: A Guide to your Shut-Down Learner’s Success directly from Dr. Selznick for $14.95 + shipping & handling, please use the “buy now” link below.



    School Struggles by Richard Selznick, Phd

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