Interview with Fran Sherman - "Stressed out Teen Girls and Cutting"

June 25, 2014

Tonight’s episode will discuss the relationship between teen stress and anxiety and self harm.

Why do so many girls cut? What can parents do about it?

In this interview on School Struggles, Dr. Selznick interviews Fran Sherman, LCSW, a psychotherapist and media personality. Fran will discuss the increasing incidence of self-injurious behavior (cutting), particularly among teen-age girls. She will discuss warning signs and ways that you can respond as a a parent.

Fran is a television personality who has appeared on the Today Show, HLN, truTV, Fox News, Fox Live, The Daily Buzz, The Morning Show, Daytime and the local NBC, ABC and Fox news affiliates in the West Palm Beach market. She provides expert commentary on news of the day, and has done segments involving love, relationships, parenting, bullying, anxiety, stress, the economy and issues related to educating our children.

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