The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: My Interview with Ben Foss

May 31, 2015

Ben Foss is prominent inventor, entrepreneur and activist who founded Headstrong Nation a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the dyslexic community. He is also the inventor of the Intel Reader® a device CNN called “too ground breaking to ignore.” The Intel Reader® is a mobile device that takes photos of text and reads it aloud on the spot to people who have difficulty with text, creating what Ben calls “a ramp into a book.”

Identified as a dyslexic at the age of eight, Foss became successful by developing a unique approach to his disability. After years of hiding his dyslexia, he challenged himself to use it as a bridge to the rest of the world, realizing that if he thought of himself as being “from dyslexia,” he could integrate his history and harness his strengths. As a compassionate and skilled speaker, he shares this message with Fortune 500 companies, human resources and public policy organizations, and colleges and universities across the country.

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