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  • What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents

    When children struggle with reading, spelling, and writing, their parents often feel at a loss as to how to help and where to turn for guidance. Common questions include: Does my child have dyslexia? What is dyslexia? What is multisensory instruction? What does remediation involve? How is dyslexia assessed? Who should do the assessment? What is the school’s role? What about private vs. special education assessment? What are the implications for the future? Even with information readily available on the internet, parents are overwhelmed, confused, and unclear about the appropriate direction to take.

    Offering readers the same support and honest advice he gives the parents he sees in his practice, in this new book Dr. Selznick uses plain language to make dyslexia understandable and cut through the confusion. It’s like sitting in a living room, chatting with a knowledgeable relative or friend who’s concerned about your child. Dr. Selznick offers hope but remains grounded in reality―he doesn’t sugar-coat the issues. His 25 essential points include the definition and characteristics of dyslexia, how dyslexia is assessed, how to approach remediation, and tips to help you and your child conquer the most common learning disability.

    To order an autographed paper back copy or copies of What to Do About Dyslexia directly from Dr. Selznick for $16.95 + shipping & handling, please use the “buy now” link below.


    What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents, is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


    User Reviews (NEW):

    Having a son with dyslexia and having read many books on this topic, this is definitely one of the best. Dr. Selznick really breaks down the very detailed steps of the reading process (it’s not as natural as most people think it is!) into relatable terms. He offers practical ways to tackle the many hurdles children and parents struggling with navigating dyslexia will come across. I especially love that he talks about the emotional component of learning differences, as that is something we have really struggled with. Dr. Selznick empathizes with the struggles that these children face and really makes every effort to help make their path an easier one to walk. Whether you are very new to this or you already have knowledge about dyslexia, this book is worth your time!

     – Jackdooley


    I learned a tremendous amount about dyslexia from just a couple of hours with this easy-to-read book. I represent disabled children and adults and now feel that I have a much better understanding of dyslexia and how it can affect my clients’ work, school and daily activities. I expect that I’ll be buying copies of What to Do About Dyslexia for the parents of some of my child clients.

    Stephen Jackel, Esq.


    Dr Selznick has been testing and counseling in the arena of dyslexia and learning disabilities for decades. He is a recognized expert, and has lectured internationally. This is a challenging topic. It can lead to frustration for both parents and students. This book is the first one you should read. It distills the topic into it’s most important points. Whether you chose formal therapy, or other counseling, this will give you the tools to gain greater understanding. Any further management or reading will be much more valuable to you. Start here. This is the owners manual you are searching for.

    Alan Mushnick, MD


    This book is so well written for parents and teachers. It is easy to understand and gives helpful and meaningful strategies that can support the dyslexic child. Dr. Selznick is brilliant and well versed on this topic. His ideas and information is completely useful. As a parent, and teacher, of students with Dyslexia, I highly recommend this book. Worth every penny!



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      What others are saying:

      This book is a ‘must read’ for parents who have recently discovered their child has dyslexia. It contains practical advice that Dr. Selznick shares with parents of children with dyslexia that he has tested so they know what to do and what to expect.

       – Susan Barton, Founder, Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, www.BrightSolutions.US

      Dr. Selznick’s latest work shares his years of knowledge and practical insights about dyslexia very effectively. It’s as though he invites us into his living room with his warm and welcoming writing.

      – Edward J. Wilson, CFO, Wilson Language Training

      Dr Selznick integrates up-to-date information on assessing and diagnosing with interventions that take a real world, problem-solving approach to the full spectrum of dyslexia. What to Do About Dyslexia is one of those rare books that presents a complex set of valuable information not only simply and clearly, but with sufficient sophistication that it will be useful to a range of audiences.
       – Jennifer A. Zona, Ed.M NCED, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services, Township of Ocean, NJ School District
      In the last decade, great strides have been made in better understanding the educational needs of children who struggle with dyslexia. Dr. Richard Selznick’s What to Do About Dyslexia brilliantly synthesizes the progress in a user-friendly manner that is sure to be of great value for parents, professionals, and educators alike.
      – James Redford, Director & Producer, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

      To order an autographed paper back copy or copies of What to Do About Dyslexia directly from Dr. Selznick for $16.95 + shipping & handling, please use the “buy now” link below.

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      What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents, is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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