About Dr. Selznick

Dr. Richard Selznick is a psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, assistant professor of pediatrics, school consultant and Wilson certified reading instructor.

The Director of the Cooper Learning Center, a Division of the Department of Pediatrics, Cooper University Healthcare, he is also the author of The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child, School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner’s Success, Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents and Helping Your Dyslexic Child & Struggling Reader at Home: A Parent’s Guidebook.

A down-to-earth expert who strives to present complex issues in non-jargon terms, Dr. Selznick’s mission is to help parents “get it.” He has a particular passion and interest in helping parents understand dyslexia and related learning disorders and has led seminars and workshops for parents and educators throughout the United States and internationally, as far as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

You can follow Dr. Selznick on Twitter (follow @DrSelz) and on Facebook “The Shut-Down Learner”.