Distance Consultation

  • Distance Consultations

    Not in Dr. Selznick’s immediate geographical area? No problem. Distance Consultations offers great alternatives in the following major consultation categories:

    • Home-Based Activities
      What can you do at home to help your child? Using the Stages of Reading Development as a guide, Dr. Selznick and his team will offer home suggestions that can guide you on best practices.
    • ‘Next Steps’ Discussion
      Parents frequently feel confused as to the next best steps to take with your child.  Distance Consultations can help guide you as to the best next steps.    
    • Review of Any Prior Testing:
      Very often parents are given evaluation reports from special education teams or outside professionals that are confusing and overwhelming.  Dr. Selznick will help you interpret the information so that the results are more meaningful to you.    

    Testing is reviewed in four steps:

    1. Previous testing is sent to Dr. Selznick in binder or made available electronically.
    2. Dr. Selznick reviews the findings. (approximately two hours time depending upon the amount of material)
    3. A follow up phone call  or Skype or Facetime style meeting is set up to discuss the results. 
    4. A brief summary letter is sent to parents.

    Distance Consultations are billed at $75 for a half hour.  

    To inquire about Distance Consultations, please email Dr. Selznick: rselznick615@gmail.com



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