Distance Consultation

Parents frequently feel confused as to the next best steps to take with their child. Dr. Selznick  offers online consultations to help you in the decision process. 

Distance Consultations can be conducted on Zoom, WebEx or FaceTime and will guide you as to the best next steps for your child, as well as reviewing any previous assessments that have been conducted.


The consultation process involves the following:

1. Overview and Review of Concerns: In the first session, there will be a review of your child’s history and your areas of concern.

2. Rating Scales & Review of Any Prior Testing:  Parents will send any prior assessments for review and complete a variety of different rating scales.

3. Explanation of Previous Findings:  Dr. Selznick will help you interpret the information you’ve submitted, so the results are more meaningful to you.

4. Summary & Next-Step Recommendations: A brief summary of the consultation is sent to parents.

To inquire about Distance Consultations, please email Dr. Selznick: shutdownlearner1@gmail.com