I don’t know if you’ve ever been a 12 year old boy not (or in that age range), but chances are if you are reading this you probably haven’t been since most of the people reading stuff like this are the moms.
Since I was once a 12 year old boy (in the far recesses of time) let me tell you some age-old truths that apply to most (not all) of those on the boy side of the equation:
1)      We don’t care about homework.
2)      We don’t like to write.
3)      We mature very, very slowly.
4)      We don’t handle frustration very well.
5)      Our work habits are sloppy.
6)      We hate to be controlled (I won’t mention by whom).
7)      We can’t stand doing our homework as soon as we get home.
8)      We don’t like our sisters who seem to not having any problem with this stuff.
9)      We have a lot more important stuff to do, like saving the world or playing outside.
10)   We’re not interested in “accommodations.” Please stop talking about 504 whatevers. What is a 504 Plan anyway???
11)   We don’t respond well to study skill coaching.
12)   We really don’t like you checking our grades on the internet every three hours (or every other day for that matter).
In spite of these truths, most of us grow up (sort of), albeit on very different timetables than the more mature members of our species.
Mark Twain had it down. Reread “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or “Tom Sawyer. “
Not much has changed.