The Mom:

(Coming in to the office for the first time sounding very frantic.)

“Maybe I am overstressed, but I am starting to lose it. I have three kids.  The first two were on what you called the ‘smooth’ road.’  They started out in kindergarten fine, learned their sight words and then everything started to come together.  They never had any problems.”

“Then, my third came along, and maybe it’s because we don’t pay attention to her as much as we did the other two, but something just isn’t right.  I know she’s only in first grade, but the stuff they put on the walls for back to school night, really freaked us out.  Kayla’s work was nowhere near what the others were doing…not even the boys.”

“Not only that, but she hates reading.  I know the school wants her to read 20 minutes every night, but it is such an ordeal. It always turns into a screaming match.  It’s like a nightly ritual where we all end up screaming at each other.”

“The school keeps giving this code-message – have you had the neurologist see her yet?  I know the code.  That’s code for 'Don’t you think she should be on medication.'  A neurologist?  Why?  I’m really at a loss here.   I think the kid should be tested to see if she has any signs of a learning disability or dyslexia.  She needs help.  I'm not rushing to put her on medication.  The pediatrician gives me the impression that he thinks I'm crazy and he keeps telling us she will grow out of it. ” 

“What do you think?”


“Trust your gut.  Listen to yourself.  Get her tested. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. ”