Scene 1:  The Lunch Room – Jack’s Brain

“Gee, it’s so wild and noisy in here.  Everybody’s throwing stuff.  Haha.  Jake is so good at putting food in his nose.  Maybe I’ll try that too.”

“Why is that lunch lady getting mad at me?  Jake was putting food in his nose first.  How come she didn’t see it?  Jake never gets yelled at.  Now she wants me to sit off by myself until we go outside.  It’s not fair.  I was just having fun – just like Jake.”

Scene 2:  The Playground – Jack’s Brain

“Cool…we’re outside…great to be out….I’m so sick of being inside…oh man…I can’t wait to go over to the slide area and swing down…oh, man…There’s a line…oh, there’s Jake, maybe I can jump in front of him…wait there’s a cool stick that I can throw over the fence…wow, that went pretty far…better than yesterday’s stick.”

“Oh, no, that lunch lady is coming over to me again and she’s got that look."

“I didn’t mean to throw the stick,” I tell her.

“Phew.  She lets me go this time. Back to the swing…cool there’s Jake.  We can jump down together….oh, man it’s line up time already…how come the line teacher is yelling at me? I didn’t push on line, did I?  Everyone else is doing it too.”

Scene 3:  The Classroom- Jack’s Brain

“Oh, man.  The teacher is filling out that “daily report card” thing…that stinks… I got another frowny face on the report card for lunch and playground.  I’m going to get yelled at and punished again when I get home.”

“I didn’t do anything…How come Jake never gets in trouble?”