Treatment options and the range of professional recommendations can be bewildering, not to mention all of the “on the street” opinions.

Just like the parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant, different professionals will identify a part of the “elephant” and recommend a treatment from their particular vantage point.

Recently a mom came in to discuss her struggling 8 year old daughter, Samantha, who had seen a number of different professionals.

“Since kindergarten we’ve been on this three year mission to help her,” the mom said.  “She just isn’t making progress and the gap is widening.”

“So, what was recommended?” I asked.

“We first saw an OT who felt there were ‘sensory issues’ and recommended that Sam should get Interactive Metronome Therapy.   Then someone told us about a colored lens treatment and we found a person who specializes in tinted lens, which she recommended for Sam.”

“An auditory specialist identified a ‘central auditory processing disorder’ and recommend that we go to her office for a year of computer training to address the ‘auditory issues.’  The neurologist we saw said she had ADHD and  wants her on medication.  Then there was the “train the brain” program offered at a nearby learning center.”

“I really have no idea what to do and am overwhelmed by all of this, not to mention how expensive it all is since it is out of pocket.”

Samantha’s story is like many I have heard. My best advice is to narrow down your range of “experts” and to trust your “parent gut.”

Ask yourself, does the recommended advice pass the “smell test” in terms of your major concern?

For example, if you are concerned about your child’s reading and are recommended to engage for a year with a type of metronome therapy, does that pass the “smell test?”

Is the child going to be reading better by the end of the treatment?

As close as possible, recommendations should match the area of concern.

To hit a tennis ball better, you wouldn’t go for swimming lessons.

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