Dr. Selznick’s blogs are written to help parents navigate the difficult waters of raising children struggling with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, as well as ADHD and deficits of executive functioning. His overriding mission is to speak to parents in “down-to-earth terms free of jargon.” 


Podcast Interview Released

As a changes of pace, I am excited to share a recent interview that was conducted with me by “Beautifully Complex:  Navigating Neurodiverse Parenting.”

The interview is only about 30 minutes.  Would love to get your feedback on it.

If you enjoy it, please share it with others.

Here’s the link:     (Selznick Podcast Interview)


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  A common concern raised by parents (well, mostly the moms) is their child’s lack of what they label as “executive function deficits (EFD).” With EFDs there’s always the underlying question of whether these issues are a biproduct of immaturity, skill deficits or a...

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The Baby is Birthed!!!

I am excited to let you know that the new baby, "Beyond the Power Struggle: A Guide for Parents of Challenging Kids," has been officially birthed!!! After endless doing, redoing, tweaking, feeling frustrated with it, filing it away, bringing it back out again, I am...

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Amelia Ignores Her Mom

Eight-year-old Amelia goes about her day mostly ignoring her mom, Andrea. While Andrea tries to get Amelia to comply,  she largely talks to her in an insecure and hesitant voice, with words that do not get Amelia's attention.  (“Now, come on Amelia, how about we start...

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“Sharks & Minnows”

Out in the playground, in the lunchroom and on the school bus – really in every possible school situation – group dynamics are always at work. There will be those in the group who are more assertive (sometimes aggressive), and those who are not. Many will be in the...

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