There are essentially two types of reading problems:

Type I: This type refers to the child who has trouble decoding words and reading fluently.  They are typically viewed as “dyslexic.”  Even though they are typically called “dyslexic,” I like to call them “Type I Readers.”

Type II:  This is the other type. These kids are not dyslexic. They can read fluently, but have difficulty understanding what they have read. I don’t have a name for them. This is why I’m calling them, “Type II.”

If you are in the position to be seeking remediation through tutoring or learning therapy, it is important that you get clear on what you are targeting; that is, don’t scattershot you remediation by doing a little of this and a little of facts.

Good testing data should help you get clear on what you need to have emphasized.

Be laser-focused in your approach so you can hit the right target.



Adapted “School Struggles,”  Richard Selznick, PhD (2012 Sentient Publications).