Distance Consultation

  • distance_consultation2If you are located outside of the greater Philadelphia area, distance consultation by telephone or Skype is available with Dr. Selznick.

    Purpose of Distance Consultation

    Many parents feel that they do not know what direction to go with their child. They often feel overwhelmed by all of the testing that their child has undergone, and that their child’s testing reports are difficult to understand The Distance Consultation helps parents know what direction would be appropriate for their child. Dr. Selznick’s consultation is designed to help you understand your child’s previous testing data in practical, down-to-earth terms, as well as to answer other questions on your child’s School Struggles.

    (When appropriate and feasible school observations/school consultations can be arranged as a follow-up to the initial consultation.)

    (***Consultations are not designed as a substitute for counseling/therapy.)

    Next Steps for Scheduling a Distance Consultation

    • Send an email to Dr. Selznick.  He can be reached through contact@shutdownlearner.com.
    • Please describe your concern in the email and whether or not your child is classified in special education.  Please include your child’s age and grade and what geographical region you are located.
    • Dr. Selznick will typically respond within 48 hours. 


    Consultation services are billed as follows:

    • Distance Consultation: $75 per half  hour.
    • The time of the Distance Consultation varies on a case by case basis depending upon what is the nature of the question and the complexity of the concerns.


    You can pay for the consultation by Paypal or credit card. Paypal payments can be processed immediately. Dr.Selznick will generate a payment request through Paypal. This payment is due upon the receipt of the email receipt.

    (If you are paying by credit card, Dr. Selznick will be able to process your payment at the time of the consultation.)

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