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  • We know how hard it is to get good advice.  As a parent, knowing your next best step can be challenging and finding people in your community to talk to you in plain language  may be hard to find (and expensive).

    Dr. Selznick and the team of SDL Experts have created a “down-to-earth” jargon free information and support for you.

    Come into the “Living Room” for teleseminars.  Bring in your questions on dyslexia, learning disabilities and other related topics. 



    Stages of Reading Development

    When it comes to reading problems and issues related to dyslexia, Dr. Selznick and his team utilize a very clear roadmap when guiding parents – The Stages of Reading Development developed by the late Dr. Jeanne Chall, of Harvard University. This model emphasizes that all children pass through expected stages of reading development, but some children get stuck in a stage and their progress can be greatly delayed.

    There are essentially five stages to understand. Knowing where your child is in his or her stage of development provides you with the road map as to what you need to focus on with your child at any given time. Our team will provide you with specific activities that you could do at home to  help your child move along the continuum

    Like the skill of playing an instrument or acquiring mastery of a sports skill,  one can quickly size up where a person is in their skill mastery. The same is true of reading, spelling and writing.. What does your child need next in terms of his/her development? The stages reveal the answers to those questions.

    Dr. Selznick describes the Stages of Reading Development in all three of his books, showing how they can be practically applied to your child.

    To speak to Dr. Selznick or member of his team, they can be accessed through the distance consultation feature.



    Throughout the year, Dr. Selznick will be offering “Living Room Chats” where you can come in “the room” and ask questions.  The seminars are a great value.  Go to the Teleseminar link to learn more about them and how to join the next one. Click here for teleseminars.

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