When it comes to their  children struggling with reading, parents could use some road maps.

An “old-school” concept  not discussed much anymore, but that is still quite relevant has to do with the “stages of reading development.”

The stages provide a type of road map, as every child (not just those who are struggling) are somewhere on a continuum within the stages.  Knowing where your child is on this continuum helps to guide you as to what you should be doing relative to any type of instruction or tutoring that may be taking place.

The stages help in what I call “next-step thinking.”

Fundamental questions such as “Does might child need decoding? Fluency? Comprehension?  Vocabulary?” should be answered by knowing where your child in in the stage your child is in the stages.

The stages reveal answers to such questions.

For example, if you know that the child is in early Stage I of development (regardless of the child’s age and grade), will have clear implication for what the emphasis should be relative to any instruction taking place.

The concept of the Stages of Reading Development originated from the theories of the late Dr. Jeanne Chall, a renowned reading expert, psychologist and  researcher from Harvard University.  Even though her theories were written decades ago, they continue to apply today.

Over the next few weeks we will drill down on the stages so that you’ll have a full understanding of the relevance for your child’s development.

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