Players: The Mom and Miles, age 11
Scene:  Family Office.   Door closed. Miles & The Mom in the room. No One else is around.
The Mom: (Speaking very calmly with no edgy tones) Miles, I’ve been thinking about it. I realize that I’ve been really messing up the whole homework scene.
Miles: (Not saying anything but looks definitely interested with perked up ears.)
The Mom: Yep, I realize I’ve been too involved and too controlling about your homework.
Miles: (Still not speaking, looking very, very interested.)
The Mom:  I know you don’t want to do your homework and from now on I want you to know it’s totally your choice. It’s up to you. But here’s the deal, though. Playing your video games and texting are going to be earned. It’s one way or the other. If you choose to do your homework, great.  That’s wonderful. That means you have earned your electronics for the evening. If you give me a rough time and avoid like usual, that’s ok too. It just means you haven’t earned the electronics for the night. Either way is fine. 
If you choose to not do your homework, I just have to write a note to your teacher letting her know about your choice.  You’ll just let me know.”
Miles: (Stunned at mom’s calm and objective tones is wondering when she’s going to erupt like she normally does. He’s feeling really worried that this time, she just might be getting it right.)
The Mom:  We’ll start tonight. Let me know what you choose.  If you choose to do your work, let me know if you need any help with anything.  I’ll be in the kitchen putting things away.
Miles:  (Walks out stunned wondering what happened to his mother.  "I wonder if she really means this," he thinks to himself.)