Much of my professional life, I listen to moms who come in and tell me various and sundry things that the school has told them about their child. Hearing some of the things that the moms are told, I can feel my neck twinge.

Sometimes I can feel it twinge maybe five or six times per one hour session. That’s when I realized I need to go to a chiropractor.

When it’s really bad I sometimes I feel like a raccoon in a trap. (Yes, I know, my parents wanted me to go to dental school, but I had to do it my way and chose this career path.)

Just today my neck was twinging a lot. So much so, I’ve started researching some local chiropractor’s so that the twinge will go away. I came across First choice, which looks like a good chiropractor clinic but I haven’t found the time to book myself in just yet. My neck often twinges after hearing some of the things the mom had been told:
“We really don’t know what dyslexia is?” (Yes we do?)
“In all my years of teaching, I have never had a dyslexic child,” the mom was told by an experienced second grade teacher. (Yes, you have. In fact, you probably had about 20 30% of your class on the dyslexic continuum in any one of your classes)
“Spelling really doesn’t matter.” (Really???)
“The only thing in reading that matters is comprehension.” (Is that right? So, when the child sees a word like “porcupine” in the text and reads it as “prickopinny,” that’s ok because he/she got the gist of the story, somehow.)
“Only neurologists and psychiatrists can test for dyslexia, since it is a medical condition.” (You mean that a neurologist will give a broad battery of tests to assess dyslexia? Funny, I don’t know any who do that in my community.)
On and on it goes.
These quotes were just from the first session today that I had.
I need a heating pad.
I’m calling the chiropractor now.
Maybe I’ll apply to dental school.