Modern parents make you nostalgic for the good old days. You know, the days when children went outside to play and basically didn’t see their mother for a solid 8 hours (except when she made you a nutritious bologna on Wonderbread sandwich, before your ran back out the door after wolfing it down).

Now it’s, so much parental steering and interfering. Parents are so self-conscious in the way they interact with their children

Just spend a few minutes in the mall or a supermarket:

"That’s not your indoor voice." (Ugh.)

"Remember not to run ahead, ok?" (Oh, that’s effective.)

"It’s our special day. Mommy’s so happy to be with you." (As the kid is charging ahead.)

"Now you know you shouldn’t use your whining voice." (Your whining voice????)

"Where are your listening ears?" (Huh????)


Or as parents report to me about the way things are going in the house, their language reveals how things will go:

"Don’t you think it’s time we started our homework?" (No!!!!!!!)

"Isn’t it time that we go to bed?" (We????)

"It’s time for us to brush our teeth." (What????????)

We have a serious case of NBD running through modern parenting No Backbone Disorder!!!!

I think my head will explode if I hear one more of these things.

I am getting cranky again.