To those of you who receive this blog, I am excited to let you know that “School Struggles” came out last week.  The book covers a broad scope of potential problems that kids face and that parents struggle with in terms of how to manage them. 

Here are a few of the comments from professional in the field who have reviewed the book:


“Dr. Selznick UNDERSTANDS THESE KIDS which is why his new book, School Struggles, is a very welcome addition to our resources for parents and professionals alike! In clear, no-jargon, non-pathologizing language, he describes the roadblocks encountered by many children and adolescents and provides practical, effective ways to help them along their rough roads. I highly recommend this book and appreciate Dr. Selznick’s willingness to share his accumulated wisdom and ideas with us.”   —Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D., co-author of Late, Lost & Unprepared:   A Parents’ Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning


School Struggles addresses common school concerns that keep parents awake at night. Dr. Selznick presents material in a comfortable, down-to-earth style that will provide comfort to parents. Parents will take away many great suggestions and ideas to keep in mind for their struggling children.”  – Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions


Dr. Selznick writes an important message – If your child is struggling, get help as early as possible. Problems with reading, writing, and spelling do not automatically resolve with time. Whether his problems are with academic work, organization, or social life, the child doesn’t have the strengths to build his own skills and solve the problems himself.  Adult help is needed, and this book tells us how we adults can help.  Jeanne Voelker  Founder Reading Before School; Writer/Curriculum Director Reading Raven


“Dr. Selznick's new book helps parents understand their child as a whole person and why school may not be as easy for them as we all hope. More importantly, he helps you find ways to pinpoint particular struggles and address them, rather than waste time with solutions that are one-size-fits-all.”    – Whitney Hoffman, producer of the LD Podcast (, author of The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists


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