Let’s say you have a passion for golf, but by everyone’s estimation (yours included), you are a petty bad golfer.  It is obvious that your swing is not fluid and there are clear flaws that get repeated the more you play.

In order to address your poor golf skills would  any of the following things told to you make sense?

“Oh, well…that’s just the way it is…golf is a tough game – just make the most of it and have a positive attitude.”

“Maybe you should see a neurologist to determine if you have some type of brain disorder that explains your poor swing.”

“Perhaps you have something like a disability;  maybe it’s like a a learning disability,  We’ll call it a “golf disability,” like, ‘golflexia.’”

Frequently, parents are told similar things when their child is struggling with reading (and spelling and writing). This leaves parents frustrated and not knowing what direction to turn.  It is obvious to them that their child is struggling, yet there is  little being done to remediate the problem.

The fact of the matter is it’s really not all that complicated.

If you want to hit a golf ball better calling you “golf disabled” is not going to change anything.

There is only one thing that you need.  That is, sensible instruction from someone who is good at teaching golf – usually a golf professional.

When you don’t know how to read well and stumble over the words, whether we call it “dyslexia” or a reading problem does not matter. You need one thing – sensible instruction from someone who is good at teaching reading.

Just like with learning to hit a golf ball better there’s no magic formula, special cure or medication.

Sensible instruction over time is the ticket.

Have a great holiday season.  See you after the New Year.

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