Understanding dyslexia is challenging, primarily because of the deeply embedded mythologies that we hold, chief among them is what I call “the reversal thing.”

You know, try my experiment this holiday season.  With any friend or relative ask them, “Hey, Uncle George, what do you know of dyslexia?”  Guaranteed you will get the, “Isn’t that when,” response (i.e., “Isn’t that when you read upside down and backward?”)

It happens every time.

Not sure how we all got so hypnotized to believe that mythology, but of the last 100 or so dyslexic kids I evaluated, not one of them showed any sign of reading upside down or backward.

A few years back when I was doing my School Struggles podcast series as a part of the CoffeeKlatch Network I had the honor of interviewing James (Jamie) Redford, a documentary filmmaker, who had directed  the award winning film, “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia.”

James Redford Was the Son of Robert Redford — Life & Death of the Filmmaker Who Died at 58

The interview centered on the struggles that Jamie and his wife,  Kyle, had gone through in helping their son overcome his struggles with dyslexia.

James was warm, accessible and a pleasure to interview.  I remember thinking at some point in the interview that I felt like I was talking with an old friend over a cup of coffee.

Sadly, James passed away in October at the age of 58 from complications related to liver cancer.

In this replay of the interview, we raise a glass to you, Jamie, and thank you for fighting the good fight.

Here is the interview:

James Redford Dyslexia Interview

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